Welcome to the world of this forensic psychologist, in all its conflicting, frustrating and, just occasionally, life-affirming reality.


I’ve been a forensic psychologist for over twenty years, working in prisons, hospitals, courts and police stations, in neighbourhoods just like yours. For those of us who play by the rule book, few things are more fascinating and rankling than those who choose to tear it apart. The stories I’ve chosen to tell here are the ones you probably won’t read about in the papers. Some are heart-breaking, others enraging, some plain weird but what connects them is the insight they give into the human condition”.


‘A fascinating memoir.’ Katya Edwards, Daily Mail

‘Her book is funny, wise and thoroughly gripping.’ Jake Kerridge, writer and critic

‘Fascinating – a timely and gripping exploration of mental health issues in the criminal justice system from an author intimately acquainted with its dark heart.’ Harriet Tyce, author of Blood Orange

‘Kerry Daynes writes with knowledgeable insight on a side of people – and the criminal system that purports to treat them – that many would prefer to leave alone. The humour and psychological skills that have enabled her survival shine through.’ Jessica Fellowes, author of The Mitford Murders

“Enthralling and terrifying in equal measure. A chilling glimpse into a world unseen by many and perhaps for good reasons. Kerry guides us gently, but firmly, through her incredible world…Both unforgettable and unputdownable.” (Professor Dame Sue Black, Britain’s leading pathologist and author of the Sunday Times Bestseller All That Remains)


The Dark Side Of The Mind is a frank and touching memoir, set against a system ill-equipped to deal with extremes of human behaviour. It offers readers an unparalleled insight into the day to day work and personal impact of a career spent in forensic settings and asks what the treatment and incarceration of those who act in disturbing ways says about us all.